Harriet runs monthly workshops for couples just before their birth, or private classes for specific birth related reasons. Below are brief descriptions of the classes. Please contact her for bookings or interest.

Bringing Yoga to the Birthing Room – For Couples

Harriet’s popular couples class is specifically design for couples in the weeks leading up to their birth. It takes place in the evening, partly by candlelight and is an excellent way to connect and come together as the birth day approaches.


Harriet teaches breathing techniques, postures which help to restore and calm between contractions and postures which help to manage the pain of labour.


This class is run monthly and sometimes bi-monthly depending on the interest.

Upcoming sessions for 2019 will take place 11.15am-1.30pm at The Shala, 15 Wandel Street, Gardens (unless stated otherwise) on:

Saturday 16th February 

Saturday 9th March (Venue TBC)

Saturday 11th May

Saturday 15th June

Saturday 13th July

Saturday 10th August

Saturday 14th September

The cost is R650 per couple. Contact Harriet to book your place – spaces are limited.

Turning a Breech Baby

This is a 60 minute one on one session of intensive but supported yoga postures which can help to turn a breech baby.


It should only be done from 36 weeks gestation onwards.


Sessions can take place at home or at a private studio closest to you.


The session costs R700 + travel (if needed)