Excerpt from an Interview with Harriet Came

Excerpt from an Interview with Harriet Came

Your attitude to birth was refreshing. After meeting a number of South African doulas and midwives I’ve been surprised at how very differently each approaches her profession. Hence our conversation gave me a new perspective. Your approach struck me as kind of go-between in that your approach to birthing is more about your clients having a pro-active experience which is influenced by the kind of person they are to start with. What are your thoughts on this? Describe your attitude towards birthing with your clients?


My attitude is simple.  Of course I’d love for every birth that I go to to be natural, drug free, 5 hours long, candlelit and peaceful! But it’s not about me.  It’s about the mother and the father and the kind of birth that they want.


I guess I’m not really ‘pro’ anything…  or perhaps I’m ‘pro’ everything!  I’m  supportive of all kinds of birth, as long as the parents recognise what they want to work towards and make informed choices as they go through their pregnancy to try and achieve that.  As a result… I support all types of birth happily and with no judgement, whatever they be; natural, caesarean,  drug free, medicated, epidurals, home births.  I have helped clients make decisions to have elective Caesareans (for whatever reason), and I have helped clients go from wanting an elective Caesarean to choosing and preparing for a drug free vaginal birth.  As long as they are happy with the choices they make for their birth, I’m happy and I feel that I’m doing my job.


Of course, for medical reasons, some births don’t quite go according to the wishes of the parents, and at that point, my job is to help make the birth as peaceful and fulfilling as I can do… and support a couple as they make the transition into parenthood.


A birth day is the most magical, intense, fulfilling and extraordinary day of a mothers life (and fathers)… the day that they get to meet their child for the first time and breathe in that intoxicating love… so I tell my clients that the most important thing they can do is make decisions around their birth according to what they want,  to try not to listen to judgement or opinion, and to employ a support team (Obstetrician, midwife, doula etc) that they trust implicitly to help them prepare and hopefully achieve the birth that they wish for.


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