Harriet Came

Harriet Came is a pre and post natal yoga specialist and has been teaching for 7 years since the birth of her son, through the pregnancies of her subsequent two girls and now daily around Cape Town. She is also a doula and uses her birthing experiences to inform and influence her teaching, working to show how conscious breathing, specific yoga postures and techniques can really help enhance a pregnancy and help birth and post natal recovery.

Bloom Yoga works specifically to help pre and post natal mums feel fulfilled and supported and also to give them the occasional glimpse of an inner calmness and an outer glow in the midst of their busy lives.

Harriet teaches pre and post natal yoga classes in Sea Point, Gardens and the Southern Suburbs. She also facilitates couples workshops, one day retreats and more around Cape Town.

“Squat 300 times a day,
you’re going to give birth quickly” – Ina May Gaskin